Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ingredients & Techniques

The Big Vegies Fruits Grains Beans Nuts &  Dairy Eggs Meat
  Picture Seeds
typical flavor savory sweet bland savory savory both savory savory
a little salt always cook w/  always soak in source of 
water first & water first almost all oils 

*a little salt* a little salt

raw some are great just ripe soaked & & soaked? yum milk/yogurt Caesar salad! steak tartare
even w/o dip please sprouted why?
stovetop  fry gently, try butter cook  w/ cook  w/ baking better; almost  over medium, sear (w/ fat) 
   w/ oil onions/garlic water first! water first! same flavor impossible thanks then simmer
& herbs first less oil (w/ water)
stovetop  steaming best fine std method for std method why? you can poached eggs on if you insist:
   w/ water boiling ok rice: water sh
boil milk toast w/ onion & very very
be 1" above rice cheese melted on  very gently 
oven fine fine cook  w/ cook  w/ best way melt cheese quiche don't let roast
to cover or
water first! water first! ~ 300 F
dry out
not to cover?

Broth- O-G-C-C-P* Bones +
Casserole good   NA great great good good good good
Bread good good unusual good good great good
2 cups pulp 1 cup sugar 2+ cups flour 1+ cup 1/2 cup butter 3 eggs
Sauce good why? 2T flour good 2T Oil 1c Milk good good
2T Butter or 2T Fat
Custard good good bread pudding! unusual fine 1c Milk 3 Eggs unusual, ok
Mayo great think twice good good Oil good Egg good
if all fruit good good
Vinaigrette great Vinegar good good Oil good good good

think twice
if all fruit
Dip-Type good great ok ok get soggy; add Cream Cheese ok ok
when eating &/or Yogurt
Plain text gives general comments about each combination of ingredient category & method, also some specific comments.
Bold text highlights key ingredients and basic proportions.
* onions, garlic, carrots, celery, parsley...

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